Why This Career

PWG Asia Why This CareerOur financial consultants come from diverse backgrounds such as business executives, accountants, teachers, engineers, marketing personnel, sportsmen, salespeople, nurses, business owners and even fresh graduates.

Some of them joined us at the height of their careers while others at the start; their education qualifications range from the basic requirement to a Master Degree.

However, all of them have these three factors to help them decide on their choice of career:

High Income Potential

As a PWG Asia financial consultant you are compensated directly for your efforts. Your income may possibily range from a monthly average of S$3000* in your first year to over S$500,000* per annum depending on your commitment, knowledge and marketing skills. The level of income you receive depends directly on your perseverance and dedication to serving your clients.

   * Terms and conditions apply.

Making A Difference In People's Lives

Freedom And Independence