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OUR PRINCIPAL - Great Eastern Financial Advisers

About GEFAGreat Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings Limited, a member of the OCBC Group and is licensed under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services.

The combined strengths, experience and financial stability of our parent companies places GEFA in a strategic position to continue to provide our customers with the financial advice they can trust.

GEFA is the first financial advisory firm in Singapore to adopt a hybrid business model that combines the strengths of a major insurance company and a financial advisory firm.

We are licensed under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services including life policies, general insurance and collective investment schemes.

GEFA is also the exclusive financial advisory firm distributing Great Eastern Life products.

PWG Asia

About PWG AsiaPrivate Wealth Guardians (PWG) Asia is a group of financial consultants representing GEFA. We provide financial advisory services to achieve the financial goals of individuals, families and organisations.

Our consultants are fuelled by passion and guided by our values to improve our client's financial well-being. We believe in conducting needs-based sales process which will deliver quality advice to our clients and help them make sound decisions in achieving their goal.

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