Taking the First Steps

PWG Asias Taking the First StepsCandidates who we have identified to be suitable will firstly need to complete the initial licensing requirements. Candidates will then commence the training programs in their initial years.

The first step to take will be to understand the various concepts of the business and pass the relevant examinations.

The courses to be taken before admission are:

  • Initial Licensing Requirements
    • CMFAS Module 5 (M5): Rules & Regulations For Financial Advisory Services
    • CMFAS Module 9 (M9): Life Insurance And Investment Linked Policies
    • CMFAS Module 9a (M9a): Life Insurance And Investment Linked Policies II
    • Health Insurance (HI)
    • M8: Collective Investment Schemes
    • M8a: Collective Investment Schemes II
  • Continuing Licensing Requirements
    • Basic Insurance Concepts & Principles (BCP)
    • Personal General Insurance (PGI)
    • Commercial General Insurance (ComGI)

The usual time taken to prepare and pass the above licensing examinations will be between one to three months. During this stage there will be tutorial lessons provided for those who wants to be fully prepared.


Our financial consultants are introduced to the various training programs tailored to each market. Comprehensive training and guidance will be provided by Great Eastern Financial Advisers.

New candidates will be introduced to the career through personal discussions and seminars.

Upon the successful completion of the licensing exams, you will be going through Great Eastern Financial Advisers' centralised courses such as:

  • IGNITE 1 - Sales Advisory Process
  • IGNITE 2 - Sales Skills
  • IGNITE 3 - Products
  • Corporate Support Session
  • SynerGE - Integrated Mobile Advisory System

Apart from these centralized Great Eastern Financial Advisers' courses, you will also be supported by our group's in-house programs. This has helped many of our financial consultants gain higher competency levels and confidence through smaller group coaching in the first 90 days

PWG Asia Sales Management Program

  • Basic 12 Modules - Setting up your career and getting started
  • Advanced 12 Modules - Getting ahead to excellence and ahieving your career goals.

Intermediate training on case studies and marketing is provided as well as joint field visits to your respective prospects. On site training and real life client visits will definitely SHOW you the way ahead.

Further Professional Developments

There are professional courses for registration from your first year onwards that is important and relevant to your practice towards being a professional.

  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Degree in Financial Planning/Financial Services
  • Associate Financial Consultant/Planner course (AFC/AFP)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Certified Financial Planner Designation (CFP)
  • Master in Personal Financial Planning (MfinPlan)

The Opportunity with Us

We invite you to evaluate this opportunity with us carefully. For every financial consultant who joins us, we will be investing our resources and time to help them succeed as a professional practitioner in serving the needs of their clientele.

This business will reward you for the effort you have put in. It will provide you the opportunity to fulfill your career goals. It will make you achieve what you probably have never thought of, in terms of personal development, financial status and the impact that you will be able to bring to others.

There will not be a day that you dread working. As you succeed with us, you will find yourself enriched by the service that you render others, and the rewards that come to you.

First, have the courage to dream.
Then develop the courage to conquer your dreams.
That is the life well lived.

We look forward to have you join us and to launch your flight of success ahead in PWG Asia.